Development of Management Skills

Target groups

  • managers who lead other managers (managers of organizations or large departments);
  • managers who lead employees (department managers, project managers, etc.).

Practical, active and motivational workshops on people management issues relevant for any manager. These workshops help each individual employee, the departments and the organization as a whole in achieving their goals.

The learning environment is  organized in such way that each participant has the opportunity to  get a bird's-eye view of their everyday work, to challenge their habitual modes of operation, to think on and to discuss useful tools of people and team management, as well as to complement their existing ideas with some theory and best practice examples from Latvian and European organizations. And, of course, to take away useful and practical "tools" for effective employee management.

Improvement of management skills by subject (seminars, creative workshops)

  • Manager's role, responsibility, aspects or personality, leadership
  • Team building and team management
  • Communication with employees (individually, in meetings)
  • Performance management (starting from the definition of goals  and ending with daily tasks and task performance feedback)
  • Motivating the employees, creating a supporting environment for emotional engagement
  • Personnel selection
  • Succession planning and personnel development
  • Talent management
  • Virtual and global management